Nevečerel Hrvoje, PhD.

Influence of Load Volume on Productivity of Skidding Euro-American Poplar Stems with Tractor Timberjack 240C in Lowland Forests

volume: 32, issue: 1

Primary Forest Opening of Different Relief Areas in the Republic of Croatia

volume: 32, issue: 1

Possibilities of Application of Relative Openness in Secondary Forest Opening of Slope Forests in Croatia

volume: 32, issue: 1

Methodology for Development of Secondary Forest Traffic Infrastructure Cadastre (p.75-83)

volume: 29, issue: 1

Traffic load of forest roads as a criterion for their categorization ? GIS analysis

volume: 28, issue: 1

Forest road network in the Republic of Croatia ? Status and perspectives

volume: 28, issue: 1

Analysis of an existing forest road network

volume: 26, issue: 1


Web of Science Impact factor (2020): 2.088
Five-years impact factor: 2.077

Quartile: Q2 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences