Sakai Hideo, PhD.

Soil Compaction on Forest Soils from Different Kinds of Tires and tracks and Possibility of Accurate Estimate (p.15-27)

volume: 29, issue: 1

Planning and Assessment of Alternative Forest Road and Skidding Networks (p.63-73)

volume: 29, issue: 1

Comminution of logging residues with a tub grinder: Calculation of productivity and procurement cost of wood chips

volume: 27, issue: 2

Amount and availability of forest biomass as an energy resource in mountainous region in Japan: a GIS based analysis

volume: 26, issue: 2

Maintenance of forest road network by natural forest management in Tokyo University Forest in Hokkaido

volume: 26, issue: 2

Winch Harvesting on Flat and Steep Terrain Areas and Improvement of its Methodology

volume: 36, issue: 1

Evaluation of Chipping Productivity with Five Different Mobile Chippers at Different Forest Sites by a Stochastic Model

volume: 37, issue: .2

Challenges in Road Construction and Timber Harvesting in Japan

volume: 38, issue: 2


Web of Science Impact factor (2020): 2.088
Five-years impact factor: 2.077

Quartile: Q2 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences