Neruda Jindřich, PhD.

Dynamic Soil Pressures Caused by Travelling Forest Machines

volume: 39, issue: 2

Machines travelling in forest stands cause dynamic loading of soil, the size of which depends
on a multitude of factors such as terrain ruggedness, machine speed, axle load and tyre inflation
pressure. To decide on harvesting and transport machines suitable for specific field conditions,
it is necessary to have at least some awareness about their dynamic effects on the soil,
which sometimes considerably differ from static values measured on standing machines. The
paper deals with the method of determining dynamic ground pressures according to the given
parameters of vehicle weight and speed. At the same time, it compares dynamic pressures
calculated by using this method with actually measured values.


Web of Science Impact factor (2022): 3.200
Five-years impact factor: 3.000

Quartile: Q1 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences