Sowa Janusz Michal, PhD. Prof.

Probability of Occurrence of Soil Disturbances during Timber Harvesting (p.29-39)

volume: 29, issue: 1

Costs and efficiency of timber harvesting by NIAB 5?15 processor mounted on a farm tractor (p.177-184)

volume: 28, issue: 2

Time Consumption of Skidding in Mature Stands Performed by Winches Powered by Farm Tractor

volume: 34, issue: 2

Analysis of Accuracy of Evaluating the Structure of a Harvester Operator’s Workday by Work Sampling

volume: 37, issue: .2

Design of a Planting Module for an Automatic Device for Forest Regeneration

volume: 44, issue:

Forest regeneration by means of seedlings grown in container nurseries is usually performed manually with the use of the standard dibble bar or the tube dibble. Manual placement of a large number of seedlings in the soil requires a lot of work. Manual removal of the soil cover and digging the soil in spots with a diameter of 0.4 m requires, under average conditions, about 38 man-hours/ha, while planting with a dibble bar requires about 34 man-hours/ha. Additional work time is needed to carry seedlings over an area that is being afforested. At present, forestry does not have automatic planters that would enable the establishment of forest cultures. The aim of the paper is to present the concept of an autonomous robot and an innovative technology of performing forest regeneration and afforestation of former agricultural and reclaimed areas. The paper also presents the design solutions of the key working unit, which is a universal, openable dibble, cooperating with a three-toothed shaft to prepare a planting spot. The solution proposed enables continuous operation of the machine, i.e. without the need to stop the base vehicle.


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