Ghaffarian Mohammad Reza, MSc.

Mule Logging in Northern Forests of Iran: A Study of Productivity, Cost and Damage to Soil and Seedlings (p.67-75)

volume: 30, issue: 1

Forwarding productivity in Southern Austria (p.169-175)

volume: 28, issue: 2

Optimization of an existing forest road network using Network 2000 (p.185-193)

volume: 28, issue: 2

Roadside Chipping in a First Thinning Operation for Radiata Pine in South Australia

volume: 34, issue: 1

Evaluating Efficiency, Chip Quality and Harvesting Residues of a Chipping Operation with Flail and Chipper in Western Australia

volume: 34, issue: 2

Optimised Harvesting Cost for Mallee Supply Chain in Western Australia

volume: 37, issue: 1

Timber Truck Payload Management with Different In-Forest Weighing Strategies in Australia

volume: 37, issue: 1


Web of Science Impact factor (2022): 3.200
Five-years impact factor: 3.000

Quartile: Q1 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences