Šušnjar Marijan, PhD. Assoc. Prof.

Forces Affecting Timber Skidding (p.127-139)

volume: 30, issue: 2

Growth of Pedunculate Oak Seedlings under Soil Contamination by Mineral and Biodegradable Oils (p.155-162)

volume: 29, issue: 2

Morphological Analysis of Forest Tractor Assemblies (p.41-51)

volume: 29, issue: 1

Morphological characteristics and productivity of skidder ECOTRAC 120V

volume: 28, issue: 1

Soil compaction in timber skidding in winter conditions

volume: 27, issue: 1

Research of fir-wood dust concentration in the working environment of cutters

volume: 26, issue: 2

Resistance coefficients on ground-based winching of timber

volume: 26, issue: 1

Recent Challenges of Forest Engineering Academic Education

volume: 34, issue: 1

Possibility of Determination of Daily Exposure to Vibration of Skidder Drivers Using Fleet Manager System

volume: 34, issue: 2

LCA Studies in Forestry – Stagnation or Progress?

volume: 38, issue: 2


Web of Science Impact factor (2018): 2.258
Five-years impact factor: 2.197

Quartile: Q1 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences