Volume 26 No. 2

Amount and availability of forest biomass as an energy resource in mountainous region in Japan: a GIS based analysis

volume: 26, issue: 2

Maintenance of forest road network by natural forest management in Tokyo University Forest in Hokkaido

volume: 26, issue: 2

Ergonomic parameters of the work of integrated technologies at timber harvesting

volume: 26, issue: 2

Research of fir-wood dust concentration in the working environment of cutters

volume: 26, issue: 2

Efficiency of ultrasonic Vertex III hypsometer compared to the most commonly used hypsometers in Croatian forestry

volume: 26, issue: 2


Web of Science Impact factor (2022): 3.200
Five-years impact factor: 3.000

Quartile: Q1 - Forestry

Subject area

Agricultural and Biological Sciences